High-Performance Fire Extinguishers for Industrial Use

ANSUL® RED LINE Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguishers deliver powerful and reliable fire protection for high-risk industrial environments, ensuring rapid and reliable performance.

Ansul® red line cartridge operated fire extinguisher product

ANSUL® RED LINE Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguishers are designed for high-risk environments such as chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, mining, aviation, and power generation industries. These extinguishers are known for their reliability, on-the-spot recharge capability, and superior performance.

Key features

  • Cartridge-operated design allows for increased reliability and easy service.
  • Built with tough carbon steel shells and quality components that stand up to harsh conditions.
  • Available with various dry chemical agents, including FORAY (ABC), Purple-K (BC), and MET-L-X (D).
  • Specially formulated powder paints provide superior protection against corrosion, scratching, and chipping.
  • Suitable for use in paint spray booths, dip tanks, fuel loading racks, and heavy construction sites.


  • Cartridge operation ensures consistent performance in high-risk situations.
  • Can be quickly recharged on-site, reducing downtime and maintaining readiness.
  • Resistant to impact, vibration, and corrosion, ensuring long service life.
  • Effective against various types of fires, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.


  • Agent capacity: Available in 10 lb, 20 lb, and 30 lb options.
  • Extinguishing agents: FORAY (ABC), Purple-K (BC), MET-L-X (D), and other specialized dry chemicals.
  • Operating temperature range: Designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures suitable for different environments.
  • Discharge time and range: Varies by model and agent capacity, providing effective coverage for different fire scenarios.

System details

ANSUL® RED LINE Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguishers are built for high-risk environments, providing maximum protection with superior performance. These units are especially effective in material storage areas, paint process areas, and other high-risk hazards.

The cartridge-operated design allows for on-the-spot recharging, ensuring minimal downtime. The durable carbon steel shells and quality components stand up to tough conditions, while the variety of available dry chemical agents provide versatile fire suppression capabilities.

Cylinder valves can be operated manually or automatically, locally or remotely, using electric, pneumatic, or mechanical actuators, ensuring flexible operation for various industrial needs.

Safeguard Your Assets with Reliable Fire Protection.

For robust fire protection in high-risk environments, choose ANSUL® RED LINE Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguishers. Ideal for natural gas production, metal processing, welding areas, and many other industries, these hand portable extinguishers offer superior performance with their quality components and durable carbon steel shells.

Make sure you have the right fire extinguisher to safeguard your critical assets. Whether you're in mining, oil, or other high-risk sectors, ANSUL® RED LINE Extinguishers provide the reliability and UL-rated performance you need.Contact us today to learn more about how ANSUL® RED LINE Extinguishers can enhance your fire safety strategy.