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Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems



Swartz Fire and Safety carries Ansul Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems to protect your vehicle fleet in Central Pennsylvania 

It's important to have a fire safety plan to protect property and the drivers of any company‐owned cars, trucks or piece of heavy equipment. Our certified technicians are highly‐trained in assessing what fire protection system is best for your vehicles, from a simple fire extinguisher in a car to a sophisticated installed‐fire suppression system on a large vehicle or industrial truck. We can assist you with an evaluation of your fire safety needs and help your company meet all codes and requirements.

ANSUL vehicle fire suppression systems were invented and introduced in the 1960’s. Since then, as mobile equipment has grown in size and complexity, so have our systems. Engineers and chemists have jointly developed a new generation of fire detection and suppression products including Triple IR Detection, Twin-Agent Suppressing/Cooling Technology. 

Contact Swartz Fire to help you choose the Vehicle Fire Suppression System that works for your fleet. For a no cost consultation, please call 814‐355‐9033.

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