Fire Extinguisher Training

Are your employees trained to use the fire extinguishers in your facility?

If not, Swartz Fire & Safety Can Help!

Swartz Fire & Safety is the area's leader commercial/industrial fire extinguisher training company. Our professional trainers will come to your location and put on a training session that includes:

  • Comprehensive classroom lecture
  • N.F.P.A. produced training video
  • Hands-on session using live fire
  • Question and answer period
  • Letter of completion for all participants

Our program will cover:

  • The “A-B-C’s” of fire protection
  • Proper use of portable fire extinguishers using the “P.A.S.S.” Technique
  • Which types of extinguishers are effective on which types of fires (and which ones are not!)…and much more!

All Swartz staff are certified in fire safety training and instruction. 

Call us today to schedule this important training for your employees: (814) 355‐9033